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Entrance & Guest Room

January - April:


The refurbishment of the new apartment continued into the new year for something, I thought would be only a few months.
What I thought, I had to do was a renew the bathroom and painting of walls and doors. As the job was proceeded, it became clear, that it was not done by this.

- Old insulation had to be replaced on all exterior walls
- A complete replacement of the electrical wire system
- New doors, incl. the front door.
- Old wallpaper had to be taken off the walls.
- The ceilings in the hallway, the kitchen and the bath room was lowered and LED spot  lights installed.
- Then I decided to make a total rebuild of the kitchen, including replacement of the door by a sliding door.
- The old kitchen cabinets were moved to my new workshop and new were set up. - - - -  - Finally, all the floors were planed.

 In middle of June, I had completed about 75 % of the refurbishment and decided to move my furniture into the flat after 2 years of storage..
This was only to turn my work effort towards the boat, so she stood a chance of getting ready for the Summer Cruise.

    Heine Onstad Art Centre, Høvikodden


    On Monday 9 May Nils turned 85 which was celebrated in the restaurant of the Heine Onstad Art Centre,


    which is a favor place for family celebrations.
    The weather was sunny and very warm.
    The late afternoon and evening was celebrated with Nils' friends and family.
    My sister Hanne was joined by 2/3 of her children, whom I hadn't seen for many years. I "discoverd", that they had turned into "grown ups".:-)


    Unfortunately, my mother was able to participate, butt the family paid her a visit next day.



    was staying with sister Vibeke in her "Flat with a view and we took the "Standard walk" arount this wonderful nature.







    22 May:
    On 1 May 2015 there was an official "party" in Skovshoved Havn, which I believed to be the inauguration of the NEW harbour, disregarding, that it was far from  completed....
    Surprise, surprise.. on 22 May the harbour was - yet again - inaugurated. This seem to be the "corret" one as there was Royal representation as the honors was done by to son of the Crown Prince Fredrik. I will, however" watch closely next May...



    Sister Vibeke had come from Norway to celebrate..., not the harbour, but the birthday of her childhood friend Helle Vibeke.

    Left : Suz, Aunt Lise, Vibeke and Helle Vibeke. Missing is Solveig, who took the picture.

The refurbishment continued throughout May and the early June, where about 75 % of the refurbishment had been completed.
 On 20 June, I decided to move my furniture into the flat after almost 26 months of storage. I move in when the bed was established.
Only now, I could turn my work effort towards the boat, so she stood a chance of getting ready for the Summer Cruise.
Unfortunately this was too late to launch for Midsummer (23 June), which disappointed me a lot as this has not been celebrated in Danish waters since 2013, but this was a "minor" thing in the light of the joy to come...


On 21 June, Daniel graduated after his 3 years on Øregård Gymansium.
His parents were of course proud for his extraordinary results, but - more importantly - that he achieved what had been his objectives since the start 3 yeas ago..


At the translocation on 24 June he was awarded 2 scholarships, one for 3 years without ANY absence and delivering ALL homework on time and the second for average of his Grades.

More .

                       Right: Daniel with Head Master - Pia Nyrung


    Weeks were spend on preparing "Mary Lou" for launching, which finally happened on 21 July, By far, the latest ever in her 52 years.Daniel and I started on 24.July going North with plans of turning at Shetland, but we didn't come that far...
    "Mary Lou" returned to Skovshoved on Monday 19 September after 7 weeks of sailing and a distance of modest 940 Nautical Miles,
    Read the details in the.
    2016 Logbook


    On 16 October Michael turned 18 years. This was celebrated by a trip to Milan and Venice with his mother.

    A very nice week for mother & Son

    Unfortunately, I have no pix from the big day, so here is one taken a week before..


On the 25th, it was time for the Christmas lunch in Skovshoved Yacht Club. Participants ar mainly skipper of yachts in the harbour, but "foreigners" are spottet !
It is s "Men only event" except this one, where a local fisher woman was "invited".

On the 28th Daniel departs from Hellerup Station for Kastrup Airport to embark on a plane for a 7 weeks trip to Thailand and Vietnam.
His travel companion is Anders, a classmate from the Gymnasium and in Feruary 2017, they will be classmates in the Medical School
of Copenhagen.

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    Work wise, October & November was focused on improvements to both "Mary Lou" and the flat, the latter of which is now about 80 % completed. Here it will remain until next Autumn as I have decided to focus the Spring on making "Mary Lou" 100 % ready for next years Summer Cruise, which is planned on go back along the Norwegian West Coast.

    I invited Suz and Michael for Christmas Eve here in my flat and it was a very nice and relaxed evening.