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    Michael and I decided to drive to Flensburg for 2 days during the school vacation (Week 7).
    First stop was Kolding to show Michael, where his great grand parents lived. Their house is long gone, but was situated where the gray house - behind Michael - is now placed.
    Then we drove to Flensburg, where we first looked into the restoration of a wooden Yacht - "
    Nautical" - designed by Arvid Laurin, who also designed "Mary Lou"
    After dinner, we saw the local handball team - Flensburg handevit - play a match, which they won and Michael and I thought that it was because of the many Danes, playing on the team....
    Next morning we drove further south to see "
    Dannevirke" and returned via Kiel and Fehmarn to Denmark

March - May
As Suz and I decided to to separate, our home was put up for sale, which entailed a gigantic workload.
In a difficult time for selling houses, it - surprisingly - only took about 4 weeks to find a buyer and the take over date agreed to 1 May.
Only shortly before, Suz and the boys found a nice apartment in Højrups Allé, Hellerup, just North of Copenhagen.
I decided to move to "Mary Lou" and have my furniture, etc. stored in a container until I find a new "home", sometime in October-November timeframe.

Due to the hard work on the house, hardly anything had been done to make "Mary Lou" ready for the planned cruise to Scotland and Ireland. After some hard weeks of preparation she was ready to leave Skovshoved on 19 June.,

June - October

    During the Summer cruise to Scotland and Ireland, "Mary Lou" made the longest trip ever. Totally, it resulted in 2800 Nautical Miles during 4 months.
    My cousin - Michael - sailed with me across the North Sea and I sailed single handed through The Caledonian Canal to Dublin to pick up "young" Michael, here seen sightseeing in Belfast on our trip to Largs, Scotland.
    Here he was replaced by Sister Vibeke, who crewed with me via Orkney to Egersund, Norway where she left to resume her work.
    The cruise continued to Germany with focus on the old East Germany-
    The details  can be seen on
    "Mary Lou's" logbooks
    Due to major expansion of my homeport - Skovshoved - I had to go to Hellerup harbor instead. On 18 October Skovshoved harbor opened for one day, concluding the cruise.
    I immediately started the search for a new home, but soon, I realised, that this was not so simple as I had thought. Considering, that the next cruise is "just" around the corner, I decided to continue to live on "Mary Lou"

By now, it is a tradition, that sisters and brothers meet to celbrate Vibeke's birthday. This year made no exception, so I flew to Oslo to participate.
The extra bonus with this tradition is that I get the occation to visit my mother, who is now 91 years old.


As Daniel did not crew with "Mary Lou" during the Summer Cruise, I thought it appropriate to give him a good Christmas gift, so we left on 20 December to celebrate Christmas in Val Thorens, France.
Although the snow was scarce, it was much better, than other resorts and OK for proper skiing. The weather was beautiful with sun everyday.

Mont Blanc

Val Thorens

    View from "Cime de Caron" (3200 m) over Val Thorens with Mont Blanc in the background

    Due to the snow conditions, it was difficult to run "free" in all the 3 Valleys, but thorough planning brought us to "La Soulire" which is the mountain between Meribél and Corchevel.


After 6 days of good skiing, it was time to leave for home. Surprisingly, the weather had changed dramatical and it had been snowing during the nicht. We were told, that it was the worst conditions in 6 years. The road to the Airport in Grenoble was completely closed, consequence of which was that we had to sleep in the buss....
Next morning the road was opened, so we could continue and arrive home "only" delayed by about 22 hours. However, this could not ruin our feeling of a wonderful vacation.