Christmas Cards
Brems i Viborg

January: The Winter came, but not with as much snow as the past years...

The picture shows part of our local Park - "Bernstorf" -

February: On the left, Michael is on his delivery Route of local papers and a variety of advertising prints.

In the schools winter vacation - week 7 - Daniel had enrolled in the skiing trip, arranged by his Sailing Club.
Jørgen came along for "Parental Guiding" , despite the fact, that Daniel is now very skilled and can handle himself without any worries to his parents.
We were invited to drive with Thomas and his 2 sons - Benjamin & Oliver to Zell Am See
Together with the entire group we stayed in a nice villa (in the front of the photo to the right). The dinner was served in a hotel 5 min. walk from the Villa.
As standard a game of cards were played after the dinner. (Below)

Evening Game: From the left: Thomas, Oliver, Daniel & Mikkel.

Daniel "En Route" to the Slopes

From the left: Daniel - Claus & Mikkel - Benjamin, Oliver & Thomas

Daniel (left) & Oliver enjoys the lunch brake

March: To get a feel for skiing, Suzanne and Michael had decided to go to Isaberg in Sweden, only a few hours bus trip from Copenhagen.
"Unfortunately" the trip was canceled, and the alternative was a full week in Sweden's biggest skiing area - Åre. This entailed a VERY long train travel from Malmö of about 17 hours, plus travel time from Fortunvej to Malmö.
They were lucky to share the compartment with Carina & Birk from Malmö, also bound for Åre. Suzanne and Michael had great pleasure of their company throughout the week.
According to Michael Suzanne and him lived in a luxury apartment and the skiing was brilliant.

Being in ninth grade means that Michael would participate in the School Play, which was the historical play: "A Royal Affair" about Stuensee's affair with the Queen of Denmark - Caroline Matilda

April: On the 21 April was the big day, where Michael was sealing of the covenant made by his God Parents at his Baptism. The majority of both families and God Fathers joint the ceremony in the Church and the following lunch at home

"Sæt dit håb til Herren og følg hans vej."
 ("Hope in the Lord and keep his way)
From psalm 37, verse 34 in the Old Testament))


May: To the surprise for no one, Jørgen spent most of his time preparing "Mary Lou" for the planned trip to the Norwegian west coast.

June: On 19 June "Mary Lou" left her Homeport - Skovshoved - and sails were set for Oslo to celebrate Birthe's 90 years birthday.
The entire Summer cruise can be seen under "Mary Lou's" Logbooks.

At the end of June Daniel completed elementary school, which he started in 2003 (Left picture).

In August he started in "Øregård Gymnasium" in the "Science Line" focused on Math, Physics, Chemistry and - of course - Science.

On 28 June "Mary Lou" arrived in Sandvika west of Oslo, where the "crew" was invited for dinner at Nils' home.

On the left, Skipper sits between his 2 sisters Hanne (left) and Vibeke.
The "tired" look of Skipper does not indicate fatigue from the trip as that went well...

29 June was an "All day" event starting with breakfast with Birthe.
On the right sit Nils and Birthe

Heine Onstad Art Centre, Høvikodden

"Mary Lou"

In the late afternoon, family and friends were invited to dinner at the Heine Onstad Art Centre.

Birthe surrounded by her husband and children-

Above:Aunt Lise - Brother Halvor & Annabel (Sister Hanne's daughter).
Right: Gitte & Halvor

After dinner we were invited to Nils' place for coffee ++ 

"Brothers in Arms"

After the very nice party, I left Fjordveien to walk the 20 min back to "Mary Lou".
Next morning I received a visit from Vibeke and Lise, who obviously had thought that I might have missed to find "Mary Lou"... A sweet, but ridiculous thought...:-)

Later I left Høvikodden to anchor closer to Gitte and Halvor - living in Skøyen - very close to the Marina.

July: On 2 July - Daniel arrived at Skøyen Station with the Airport Train to join me for the next phase to Bergen
3 July - Daniel & I made the "Great Munch Tour" celebrating his 150 years. Both the Munch Museum and the National Gallery were visited. On the way back, we  stopped at "Vigelandsparken" (right)..

We left Oslo on 4 July and Daniel stayed onboard until Bergen when he took the plane home on 21  July. On 23 July Vibeke joined the crew and left in Florø on 27 July. From there it was Singlehanded sailing to Smøla (outside Tronheim) and back to Skovshoved via Germany. Details can be viewed under "Mary Lou's" Logbooks..

Atlantic Road


October: On 8 October "Mary Lou" safely returned to her Homeport and preparation for winter storage was started immediately.

On 15 October Michael turned 15. As a present he got a travel to London where his favorite "American Football" team - San Francisco 49'ers - played a NFL football match vs. Jacksonville Jaguars in Wembly Stadium on 27 October.
Beside the Match, there was time for being a tourist in this magnificent Capital.

The return trip from London to Copenhagen at it was "helped" by the Category 3 Hurricane "St. Jude" (In Danish: "Allan") with a maximum Wind speed of 53 m/s (193 mkm/h or 103 Knots).
Pictures from around Denmark

Picture on the right is from Skovshoved Harbour taken by Jorgen, who was quite happy that "Mary Lou" had been taken ashore only a few days prior to the hurricane...

November: 7 November, Jorgen went on his - almost - traditional trip to Oslo to celebrate the birthday of Sister Vibeke. First stop was a visit to Lasse, who owns the Laurin 32 "Valborg". He lives in a VERY nice place at Särö, south of Götenburg, Sweden. Bothe being keen sailors, topics to discuss were never ending.

From Särö, the trip continued to Oslo, where Jorgen stayed with his sister Vibeke and - as usual - the weather was perfect, so next day we had a walk to Bogstad Gård and the woods around Vibeke's home.

Below: The view from Vibeke's Apartment on a cold and frosty morning.

On the Saturday, We were welcomed to Gitte and Halvor's place and in addition to last year Hanne had come from the Netherlands to join the party.

December: On 6th of December another Storm hit Denmark. Not as strong ("only" 40 m/s !) as the October Hurricane, but it lasted longer and caused water to be pressed into the Northern coastlines.

On the left is Skovshoved havn (Homeport for "Mary Lou" with waterlevel of 2 m above normal, which is the highest in mans memory...

Below . .....Gilleleje harbour on the North Coast of Sjælland, where boat owners get a Winter "landing" they haven't planned for!

Pictures of "Bodil" from around Denmark