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January: The harsh winter with snow and long periods of frost allowed for outdoor activities with more fun, than it is to keep the property free of snow ...

February: Due to a larger variety of "Milk- and Gluten Free" products in Sweden, we often travel there to shop. Preferably we sail to the Yacht Harbour - "Västre Hamnen" in Malmö. Here, however, this time around we took the car !

We are now starting to enjoy food made by the boys. Daniel's speciallity is "Sushi".

May: The School had the kids working on a theme during May ending up in a "Wandering Theatre". Michael's part was very difficult as he was supposed to be a "Framed  Picture" and was not to move...

June: Due to unfortunate circumstances, the boat was not covered in time for the winter. This was punished - "Big time" during spring preparation. Therefore she was only launched in late May. This was, however, soon "caught up" as Michael and Skipper used her as base when watching many of the football matches from this year's World Cup in South Africa. This was spiced with good dinners and sleeping onboard.

Mid Summer (23 June): One of the traditional celebrations of the year. One could ask why !? The Vikings celebrated Solstice in December instead, which makes more sense as the days are then getting longer!

The tradition is fairly simple: Good friends on board for a meal. Then a short sailing to the nearest bay where the anchor is dropped and the bonfire and fireworks are enjoyed together with a lot of other yachts and their crew.

Only the weather can spoil this evening  and this year it didn't...

July: The boys are keen on cycling. Here Michael and Jorgen are on a tour from the local surroundings to Copenhagen.

Summer Cruise: The course for the 3 weeks Summer Cruise was again set on Norway. True to tradition, it was sailed with alternating crews.

Daniel and Jorgen had a nice trip to Strömstad along the Swedish West Coast.

Left: The picture below is from "Vald Sandö" on the evening of 14 July, the 46 Birthday of the good ship "Mary Lou".

In Strömstad, Suzannne, Michael and Sasha joined up.. As they drove there, the family took a day tour to Oslo to visit Jorgen's family, where we were invited for lunch.

It was "Sasha's" the first meeting with her older Norwegian "cousin". It went well.

"The girls" drove home from Strömstad and the "boys" planned for a nice week's sailing towards Sandefjord.

In awaiting better weater, the boys are enjoying themselves.

Arrived in Sandefjord, we were invited for dinner by Magda and Jens in their wonderful Penthouse appartment overlooking Sandefjord Harbour. Jens and Jorgen's friendship goes back to the happy study days in Copenhagen.

Jens had a problem with his Computer and the the Boys were helpful...


From Sandefjord we sailed via Fjällbacka (Sweden) to Skagen, which is a very popular Summer Resort. It was the Boys first visit here, so we took a seightseeing biking tour. First we drove to "the most northern point of Denmark". This is where Daniel & Michael are standing with one leg in "Kattegat" and one in the "North Sea"...

We continued to "The Old Skagen", seen on below picture.

In the afternoon Suzanne rejoined the crew and we all enjoyed an evening with Suzanne's cousin and her family in their Summer Apartment.

We the sailed on to the island of "Læsø" and spent a day cycling around the island, where we visited a "Salt production site" (On the right, Michel is helping out .

The following day, Suzanne and Daniel took the ferry to the mainland and Michael and Jorgen continued to the island of "Anholt" where a strong wind secured us a couple of days on this wonderful place before returning home..

August: And the School starts again... Michael is now in 6th Grade and old enought to take responsibility of the youger pupils safety. On the picture it seems as Michael's job is fairly easy.... but only 10 min. later it is utter havoc.

To secure funding for extra activities, the School arrange a "Fair" for family and friends. Here parents can "fight" their kid... for money...

Jorgen's younger sister turned 50 in Februar, but had decided to celebrate this in a warmer month - August - in Norway. Jorgen traveled to the party and enjoyed the company of Hanne's friends and the close family.

A tribute to Hanne (in Danish only !) family and friends., 

October: Michael's birthday on 16 Octobe was celebrated in "Helene Kilde", a nice Conference Centre. We arrived in the evening for a nice meal and the next morning Michael was presented with his gifts.

A "slight change" in venue compared with 2009, where it was London !

November: Also Jorgen's older sister turned a round corner in 2010. Consequently, Jorgen left for Norway early November and had a VERY amusing evening with family and friends.,