Christmas Cards
Brems i Viborg

January: The most exciting event in Januar was the arrival of 3 big fire engines and 2 small ones into the Cul de Sac next to our house.Daniel immediately went outside to see the "fire" only to learn that they came to rescue a cat which had been stock on a roof for 3 days. Imagine how "crowded" it would have been, had it been a real fire !?.

February:  Skiing in Norway

We had our traditional skiing vacation in February. This time we chose Trysil in Norway, which had come highly recommended. Unfortunately, we were not able to judge the correctness of this recommendation as the weather was so bad, that we never saw the area, but were skiing in a thick frosty fog, preventing us from seeing more than 25 m ahead.

April: The boys thought that the best way to celebrate Jorgen's birtday was a trip to "Bakken", the local Amusement Park

May: Daniel joined an art class through the winter and now it was time for "Fernisage" and show the works to his proud parents.

June: On 6 June Jorgen vent to Viborg to celebrate the 102 anniversary of the first trip of the "Brems Automobile" which originally was made by Jørgen's Great Grandfather and Grandfather. Since 2005 local enthusiasts have handmade 2 exact copies, one of which was handed over to the local museum. A memorable day with many members of the family.

Below: Jorgen and his cousin Michael sitting in the car, being interviewed by local television.

Right: Daniel's class had agreed to meet for a day on the water, "dressed up" with a canoo and lunch pack. Also the weather had agreed to make it a very nice event.

July: Brought the traditional weeks holiday together with Jorgen's sister Hanne and her husband and 3 kids.

This time we had rented a summerhouse on Bornholm, the most easterly island in Denmark. The weather was fair enough to allow for many bike trips to most of the wonderful places of this island, nick named "The Sunshine Island".

July: This year's cruise went to Aahus with the purpose to make a day trip to Viborg, so the boys could see the exhibition over the many activities of their Great Great Grandfather.

The weather will not "pass to history" as rain and very strong winds made us spend a good number of days in the harbours in waiting for better conditions... Luckily, August brought some nice week-ends which we took full advantage of.

August: Michael and Jorgen took a week-end sailing trip to "Dragør" near Copenhagen Airport. On the Sunday we unpacked the bycycles and biked to the Airport, where Michael saw "his first" landing. From the Airport we took the train to Malmö (Sweden). In very strong wind whe returned very late to our homeport after a wonderful week-end.

October: Like the original car, the replica made a trip to Lyngby outside copenhagen, giving the head of the Brems family a chance to see it. She didn't see the original car, but close... She turned 99 years early December and still going strong.

November: The boy's school teachers were all on special education, so the parents were called in for assistance. Jorgen tried for the first time to be a "teacher", which turned out to be tough, but nice.

December: Michael and Daniel's classes had invited the parents for a cosy evening with show, food and drinks. The picture shows the 3 classes on Daniel's level singing Christmas Carols in a modernised version after they had entered the stage in the traditional Swedish "Lucia" way...

Boxing Day: The traditional Christmas lunch at Suzanne's parents together with her little brother and his family.

New Years Eve: This was celebrated with Suzanne's school mate Christina and her two daughters (7 and 5).